Biking Along the Xinjiang - Tibet Highway

Yecheng Town(Kargilik) to Lhasa, about 2743 kilometers. This is one of the toughest cycling route.

Features of this Route:

1. The first part of your journey is relatively harsh with sharp turns, dramatic drops and sheer slops. The latter section, however, is rather comfortable.

2. Scenery along your way are mainly bold mountains, barren hills.

3. There are few outfitting stations along the way, so prepare yourself well for the trip, bringing plentiful clothing, food and water.

4. The route boasts the highest average latitude among all the biking routes in Tibet.

Recommended Sights along the way:

Kashgar: an importatant outfitting stations on the Silk Road in acient time, Kashar has many interesting sights to offer to visitors including, the Idigar Mosque, The Abakh Khoja Tomb and its colorful bazaar.

Yecheng, a small western frontier town

Nagri: a place with superlative natural scenery.

Old Tingri: The Mountain Everest Campus and Rongbuk Monastery are well worth a trip.

Shigatse: many old monasteries can be found in Shigatse.


The itinerary is a backpacker's guide. We hope this information will enhance your self-discovery along the way. Our local agence could not oprate this tour at present, please contact our travel advisor if you have any questions.

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