Mountaineering in Tibet

There are only three major peaks in Tibet which the Tibet Mountaineering Department has given permission for climbing. According to Buddhist Philosophy, every mountain is sacred and should not be touched by human feet. One of these mountains is Everest which can also be climbed from the Nepal side, the other 2 are Cho-Oyu (8201 meters) and Shishpangma (8153 meters), neither of these giants are technically difficult but any mountain over 8000 meters (only 14 in the World) demands the greatest respect and those participating in either of these climbing programs will need to be of a high standard of fitness.

In recent years, Tibet has become more and more home to adventure travellers. Besides the following expedition routes, we have many other routes unlisted, like some news expedition & Scientific investigation routes in Mt. Nachabawa area, trekking in Mt. Shi-Shapanma area, etc. You are always welcome to contact us for more details.

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