Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery Hiking

Hiking from Ganden to Samye is one of the most popular routes in Tibet. This tour covers lakes, beautiful alpine forests and meadows, as well as two centers of Tibetan religious culture. This hiking may begin less than 50km from Lhasa but it is a demanding 4-5 days, over a distance of 80km and crossing 2 high passes over 5000m.

Suggested day by day Itinerary:

Day 1: Ganden to Yama Do ( 6-7 hrs, 17km, 450m descent, 300m ascent ).

Day 2: Yama Do to Tsotup-chu Valley ( 5-8 hrs, 10km, 1000 ascent, 450m descent ). Cross the Shug-la pass (5250m) today.

Day 3: Tsotup-chu Valley to Herders' Camps ( 5-6 hrs, 14km, 300m ascent, 400m descent ). Cross the Chitu-la pass ( 5100m ) today.

Day 4 to 5: Herders' Camps to Samye Monastery ( 10-12 hrs, 39km, 1200 descent )

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