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Lhasa Travel Guide

Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region and has long been the center of politics, economy, culture and religion in Tibet. Lhasa means "holy land" in Tibetan language. The history of city dates back to the 7th century AD, when the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo conquered many tribes, united Tibet, transferred the capital from Yarlung to Lhasa, and established Tubo Regime. The 11th century had seen the Buddhism spreading widely and Lhasa became the center for many eminent and learned monks to preach the religion. In the time of the 7th Dalai Lama, a very famous palace,Norbulingkha, 2 kilometers away from the Potala Palace, was built.

Lhasa Travel Guide

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Lhasa Attractions

As capital of Tibet, Lhasa has lots of scenic sights to discover by visitors. explore the traditional whitewashed architecture, teashops ans craft workshops of Lhasa's backstreets on your walking travel.

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Lhasa Travel Tips

1. People get to Lhasa and get away from Lhasa is by air or by bus. They will be able to take train to Lhasa very soon. It is convenient for tourists to get to Tibet by air. Lhasa Gonggar Airport is 97 kilometers away from Lhasa City. It takes about 2 hours to get to downtown Lhasa by bus and the fare is 20 Yuan.

2.The climate of the city is mild, without severely cold winters or extremely hot summer. The average temperature is about 8 degree Celsius. Summer and autumn are the most comfortable time in Lhasa. more>

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