Top Restaurants in Tibet

A trip to Tibet would not complete without tasting local food at every stop. Usually the capital Lhasa provides many choices ranging from Tibetan food to western food and most restaurants are in good locations with nice surroundings. In areas outside Lhasa dining places will be fewer with ordinary decoration, but it may give you more authentic Tibetan food and atmosphere. Following restaurants are rated high by customers once been there.

No.1   Snow Mountain Nima Tibetan Restaurant

In Lhasa (拉萨), there is absolutely no shortage of restaurants with different sorts like western food, Indian and Nepal dishes, Tibetan cuisines and typical Chinese food. Snow Mountain Nima Tibetan Restaurant (雪域尼玛藏餐厅) is our first recommendation. Though it is not in a very good location, it is still convenient to find. If you are looking for authentic Tibetan food and fewer tourists, this is the one.

It is situated near the Potala Palace specializing in Tibetan food. Many locals also have meals there. Food specialties are fried tibetan noodles, butter tea, curry tomatoes, goat lung, oxtongue and Tibetan Yogurt. Don’t forget the beef and radish and mutton Soup are also on the list of top orders. Note that the light is dim and the smell of the room is not very nice because of the Tibetan food. But the delicious food makes up these shortcomings. What’ s more, it is not so crowded like other popular restaurants full of tourists, which means you don’t need to wait for a long time to get a table. The chairs are very comfortable both for sitting and reclining.

Add: 88, Beijing East Road, Chengguan district, Lhasa  

Price/person: 46 yuan

Tel: 0891-6363758 (If you speak Chinese)

No. 2 Wordo Kitchen

Wordo Kitchen (吾耳朵藏餐馆) ranked #1 among all restaurants in Shigatse (日喀则) on, which is in name and in fact. It has become the must-go for most western travelers. The exterior is very nice and the ambience is relaxed and enjoyable with Tibetan-style music.

Food specialties are fried rice, stewed mutton, big gigots (one is enough for 4 people), highland barley cakes and highland barley wine and sheep blood sausages. Boxes are available but we recommend you choose tables in the big hall since sometimes Tibetan performance will be put on.

Add: 8, Tade East Road, Shigatse

Price/person: 63 yuan

Tel: 0892-8823994 (If you speak Chinese)

No.3 Lhasa Restaurant

In Lhokha (山南) area, Lhasa Restaurant (拉萨餐厅) catches many travelers’ stomachs. It is near Yamdrok Yum Tso Lake (羊卓雍湖), which is very convenient to have a meal after visiting and the window view is great from the 2nd floor. Many travelers said that it is one of rare Tibetan restaurants in remote areas whose surroundings are clean and elegant. Service is fast and nice.

The restaurant is not big and mainly offers local Tibetan food. Milk tea is the highlight. Most customers give good comments on the flavors. It is also worthwhile to mention that the restroom is very clean.

Add: Hunan Road, Nagarzê County (near Yamdrok Yum Tso Lake)

Price/person: 40 yuan

No. 4 Lhasa Gongji Restaurant

In Nagqu (那曲) area, Lhasa Gongji Tibetan Restaurant (拉萨贡吉藏餐) is a typical Tibetan restaurant offering local food. The decoration is Tibetan style and most customers are local Tibetan people, which add to more authentic atmosphere. Service is fast and nice, but the drawbacks are staffs don’t speak English. The one you should not miss is the butter tea. The flavor may be strong but you have to say that on place can offer such kind of beverage outside Tibetan areas.

Add: Near the Department of Civil Affairs, Wenhua Road, Nagqu

Tel: 0896-3829853 (If you speak Chinese)

No.5 Lulang Shiguo Chicken Restaurant

In Nyingchi (林芝), Shiguo Chickens are very famous and popular. Shiguo is a pot made of Motuo stones (墨脱石头). Stones in Motuo County are very special that they are very soft at the origins but become very hard once transported outside Motuo County (The County was not accessible by car until October 31, 2013).

Usually a Shiguo is made of a whole Motuo stone and the soup is very delicious and nutritious. Chickens are most from local Tibetan families whose meat are very soft and fresh. No wonder Shiguo Chicken become a must-eat when traveling to Nyingchi. Order a Shiguo chicken and warm your body by drinking the nice soup in Lulang Shiguo Chicken Main Restaurant (鲁朗石锅鸡总店).

Add: 8, Lulang Street, Nyingchi

Price/person: 80 yuan

Opening hours: 0894-5892518 

No.6 Lazizha Tibetan Restaurant

In Ngari Area (阿里地区), there are not so many restaurants and the surroundings are not very nice. Lazizha Tibetan Restaurant (拉孜扎西藏式餐厅) provides local Tibetan food with affordable price. The decoration is very normal but it still deserves a try. All are locals. Lamb chops and yogurt with rice are highly recommended, but prepare half an hour for the lamb chop.

Stove fires are offered and there is a cute cat in the restaurant who likes to jump to the chair to get close to people.

Add: 24, Mendong Guangxi Road, Cuoqin Town, Cuoqin County, Ngari Area

Price/person: 50 yuan

Opening hours: 0897-2612561

No. 7 盐井加加面

In Chamdo area (昌都地区), Jiajia noodle (加加面) is very popular especially in Yanjing Town of Mangkang County. It is said that without having Jiajia noodle, you cannot say you have been to Yanjing Town (盐井镇). Jiajia Noodle Tibetan Restaurants can be seen everywhere in Yanjing Town, you can just pick one full of people and join the crowds.

Jiajia Noodle is made of eggs and buckwheat. Besides nice noodles, the soup and the side dishes are also highlight, adding the whole flavor better. Almost a bowl of noodles is just enough for one mouth. When having noodles, there will be usually some small stones in a small bucket nearby for counting the times of using the bowl. When the customer eats out a bowl of noodles, the staff will quickly fill your bowl up with hot and fresh noodles and meanwhile you take one stone out of the bucket to count. Often 10-15 bowls is enough for a man.

Jia means plus in Chinese. Jiajia Noodle means using the bowl for several times to have noodles for one meal. Tradition is that small bowls will be used first and then bigger bowls follow. Some eateries keep the record of 126 bowls of noodles by their customers. Last but not least, the price is 15-18 yuan/person. Don’t worry about having too many bowls of noodles. Just try to break the record!

Add: 214 State Road, Mankang County

Price: 15-18 yuan/person

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